• Setup Apache Kafka on Windows

    In this guide, let’s download and install Apache Zookeeper and Apache Kafka on Windows PC. We shall also create a topic and publish/subscribe a message to this topic. [ Read more ]
  • Function Composition in Java

    In this post let’s look at function composition using two compose functions provided in the Function interface - compose and andThen. Function composition results in a reuseable function which itself is a combination of other functions. Basically, there are two ways to achieve Function composition. They are compose and andThen. [ Read more ]
  • Completable Future in Java

    Java 8 introduced a lot of awesome features, one of them being CompletableFuture class. Beside implementing the Future interface, CompletableFuture also implements the CompletionStage interface. CompletionStage promises that the computation eventually will be done. [ Read more ]
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    In this article let’s go through different ways of accumulating the elements of a Stream using Collectors. This can be achived by using the collect method of Stream interface. collect takes a Collector, which is an interface for reduction operations. [ Read more ]